Build, deploy and manage chatbots

An all-in-one workflow that combines deployment, integration with instant messaging platforms, conversational website creation, and natural language understanding

  • No credit card required
  • No trial period
  • No extremely limited features!
  • Start a real project even with the free offer!

Why use NewBot Cloud?

Many applications on the web offer you the service to create a chatbot, and often without programming. That's good, but you often come up against the limits of their system.

Do you want proof?

Let's say that the chatbot must be able to answer this question: Can you convert 15 kilometers to miles?

Go to a chatbot service and try to set up this feature. Even if their AI is able to understand the numerical value, it is still necessary that the chatbot gives the correct answer. How are you going to do it ? Are you going to call an API, an endpoint on an external server? If so, you lose all the interest of their service ...

On NewBot Cloud? You just have to deploy a skill with this piece of code, ... and it's over!

  • With NewBot Framework, like any project, Create your project your favorite editor. Enjoy all NPM packages (hundreds of thousands!)
  • Then with NewBot Cloud, put in production and use artificial intelligence

Create, host WebViews

WebViews enhance the user experience and integrate more advanced interactions into the message flow

  • Universal! Work on Messenger, Slack, Google Assistant, etc.
  • With NewBot Cloud SDK, interact between the WebView and the chatbot

Frequently Ask & Questions


    Our Pricing Plan


    • chatbot in total
    • language in total
    • messages incomings* total / chatbot / month
    • Unlimited outgoing messages**
    • Unlimited users
    • Understanding of natural language
    • Deploying your Javascript code
    • WebViews Hosting
    • Insert chatbot on your site
    • Using the API
    • Compatibility on Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Slack, Viber, Telegram, Line and BotFramework


    $NaN /m
    • All the features of the FREE plan
    • chatbots in total
    • languages in total
    • messages incomings * total / chatbot / month
    • Twitter compatibility


    $NaN /m
    • All the features of the PREMIUM plan
    • chatbots in total
    • languages in total
    • messages incomings * total / chatbot / month


    $NaN /m
    • All the features of the PRO plan
    • chatbots in total
    • messages incomings * total / chatbot / month
    • Technical support

    Do you have a product? Want to connect the chatbot to this one? We can create a skill specific to your job***

    * An incoming message is a message sent by the user to the chatbot
    ** An outgoing message is a message sent by the chatbot to the user
    *** This generates development costs