• Simple Hello World
  • User enters a sentence
  • User enters a sentence, and save the data in global variable
  • A default sentence if nothing is triggered
  • Random sentence
  • Loop for
  • Condition Block


  • Adding a Child Skill
  • Call function of child skill
  • put the right skill according to a situation
  • Request authorization before triggering a skill

Rich Content

  • Display an image
  • Display Quick Replies
  • Display Video
  • Display Buttons
  • Display Carousel after a request
  • Create custom formats
  • Create an independent module that exports its formats

Intent and NLP

  • Intent with Regular Expression
  • Intent with Regular Expression written in Javascript
  • Intent with Regular Expression, and extract an entity
  • Intent with native NLP
  • Get entities with native NLP
  • Call a custom NLP API ( here)
  • Propagate NLP system
  • Native NLP in multi language
  • Native NLP in multi language, with external files


  • Import Languages
  • Translate language in string
  • Sentence groups
  • Plurialization

Full examples

  • Create quiz chatbot
  • Create real quiz chatbot with external API
  • Create skill to show Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • Informs the user of Covid-19 infected people around the world and in a country