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Call a list of custom entities

The goal is to recover specific entities present in a sentence. For example :

I want to buy a place for the show You Show


  1. We create an intention
  2. The name of the intention in ConverseScript is buy

In schema, enter the following information:

  1. Identifier for entity: show
  2. Type: External Data

The value is composed of two pieces of information:

  1. URL to a webservice returning an object array in JSON format
  2. The property to read in the object in the table

For example, if the webservice returns the following table:

        "id": 1,
        "name": "You Show",
        "price": 5

So the property will be name

In the conversational script, you can retrieve the entity:

buy() {
    show =
    > Show name is { }

Host the API

If you do not have a URL to call your API, you can create it directly in NewBot Cloud. For that,

  1. At the root of our project, let's add a file server/routes.js
  2. Let's return a function:
module.exports = (app, expressBot) => {
    app.get('/shows', (req, res, next) => {
                "id": 1,
                "name": "You Show",
                "price": 5
            // etc

You can just put the /shows URL in the intent schema

The creation of the router uses expressJs. Routing documentation. Then, deploy with the newbot deploy command to turn on the API.

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