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An all-in-one workflow that combines deployment, integration with instant messaging platforms, conversational website creation, and natural language understanding

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  • No credit card required
  • No trial period
  • No extremely limited features!
  • Start a real project even with the free offer!

Developers, push your chatbot into production!

Deploy to a command line!

Integrate it on 15 different platforms


Follow the interactions

Reclassify the messages into intentions, check the logs in the integrated terminal, etc.

Why use NewBot Cloud?

Many applications on the web offer you the service to create a chatbot, and often without programming. That's good, but you often come up against the limits of their system.

Do you want proof?

Let's say that the chatbot must be able to answer this question: Can you convert 15 kilometers to miles?

Go to a chatbot service and try to set up this feature. Even if their AI is able to understand the numerical value, it is still necessary that the chatbot gives the correct answer. How are you going to do it ? Are you going to call an API, an endpoint on an external server? If so, you lose all the interest of their service ...

On NewBot Cloud? You just have to deploy a skill with this piece of code, ... and it's over!

With NewBot Framework, like any project

  • Create your project with NewBot Framework in your favorite editor
  • Enjoy all NPM packages (hundreds of thousands!)
  • Create a clean and logical structure
  • Stabilize your code with unit tests
  • Do versionning with Git
  • Establish continuous integration
  • Etc ...

Then with NewBot Cloud

  • Put in production
  • Use artificial intelligence
  • Etc ...

Train the chatbot and enjoy the understanding of natural language

Creating your own contexts

Some intentions must be triggered according to a well-defined context. Create the intentions tree with the intentions tool on NewBot Cloud

and self-understanding of the context

If the user continues the conversation by just changing some data, the chatbot automatically understands that the context is always the same

Extraction of data

Get the structured data in a sentence: a date, a number, a distance, an email, etc.

Understanding of keystrokes

The user has made a spelling mistake, or a typo? The chatbot is always able to understand the intention

Doubt management

If the chatbot has a confusion between several intentions, it will automatically offer several possibilities to reorient the user towards a conversation

Self-understanding in other languages

The chatbot will be able to understand the intentions in all available languages of your offer, without you having to rewrite all the training phrases

Customize your own entities

By creating entities directly in the NewBot Cloud application ...

  • An API is generated by Newbot Cloud
  • Enjoy other types of data (carousel, etc.)

... or deploying endpoints developed with ExpressJS

  • Customize completely with Javascript code
  • Draw in an external API, database, etc.

Create, host WebViews

WebViews enhance the user experience and integrate more advanced interactions into the message flow

Integrate the chatbot directly into your website

Just place the chatbot on your site and enjoy your development

Use the NewBot Cloud SDK and the API to create a conversational application

Take advantage of AI and the conversational scenario to create your own instant messaging or conversational website


Am I really required to have developing knowledge to use NewBot Cloud?

No. It is possible to create a chatbot only with the system of intentions present in NewBot Cloud. However, if you want to create a more powerful chatbot (and more interesting for your users), it is recommended to have knowledge of JavaScript and NodeJS. We also remind you that NewBot Cloud is based on the opensource part of NewBot Framework. If you do not know this framework yet, we recommend you take a look at it.

NewBot Framework

Where are the data hosted?

All data is hosted on servers in France. They do not pass on third-party services except in the case where your chatbot has several languages (an automatic translation of the training sentences is done on Microsoft Azure)

How much space do I have to host a chatbot?

You are entitled to 1GB maximum of hosting per chatbot. Space is good enough to deploy a chatbot but if you want more, please contact (

What languages does the chatbot understand?

For the moment, the chatbot only includes English and French. More languages are planned in the coming months.

Do I have the right to use the NewBot service to create chatbots for my own clients?

Yes, the appropriate license is PRO

What are the payment methods for upgrading the offer?

We only accept credit card payments. The payment uses the Stripe service. To subscribe, first create a free account and upgrade by clicking on "Upgrade" in the navigation bar.

Can I have more chatbots and / or incoming messages than the license provides?

Yes. Contact the service ( We inform you that increasing the number of chatbots and / or incoming messages has an additional cost on your monthly subscription.

Can the team handle the development of the chatbot?

Yes. The offer you must choose is Business. We can then develop the skills of the chatbot for you. Note, however, that you must provide the contents of the chatbot (intentions, features, etc.)

* An incoming message is a message sent by the user to the chatbot

** An outgoing message is a message sent by the chatbot to the user

*** This generates development costs

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