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Universal, the same code for all

Your chatbot runs server side with but also in the browser. Integrate your conversational script on any platform: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, ... or your own product.

With a conversational script, have a universal way to create a chatbot

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Create a conversational website

Your chatbot works directly in the browser

Example: create a quiz chatbot
You & Chatbot


Enrich the user experience with formats

Enjoy a simple, universal syntax for displaying formats.

Use formats

Testing your chatbot should be simple without any configuration!

Just run a command line and test directly in the emulator.

Unit tests

Make your code stable by performing unit tests. Test a conversation, variable values, etc.

For large projects

Understanding of natural language

And even ...

Keep in mind the position of the user in the scenario.

The chatbot receives a file? Send a delayed message? You can trigger a scenario at any time, for a user or multiple users at once

Ask for a date, email address, etc. to users using the skill already created for you: newbot-prompts

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