The Javascript framework for the development of chatbots

Next Javascript framework to develop a chatbot


Understanding of natural language

The chatbot must be able to understand the user. And you have the choice of the NLP system!

Native NLP system

Directly train your chatbot without going through third-party platforms. The NLP system will work on the server side and in the browser. Take advantage of the simple syntax of ConverseScript to write the sentences to train. You can train the chatbot in multiple languages ​​at once

DialogFlow and others

Use a third-party platform for natural language. DialogFlow is very popular for understanding the user's intentions. There is a module to add in NewBot Framework to use this platform. You can also create your own platform and add it to your chatbot.

Testing your chatbot should be simple, without the slightest configuration!

Just run a command line and test directly in the emulator.

  • or test directly on an external platform (Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, etc.)
  • or test in the BotFramework emulator
  • Hot Reloading

Unit tests

Make your code stable by performing unit tests. Test a conversation, variable values, etc.

And even ...

OpenSource & Commercial Use

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted readable content of a page.


Already integrated into NewBot Framework, the chatbot can respond in several languages.

Save the user's progress

Keep in mind the position of the user in the scenario.

Trigger an event in the scenario

The chatbot receives a file? Send a delayed message? You can trigger a scenario at any time, for a user or multiple users at once

Request a more precise prompt

Ask for a date, email address, etc. to the users to using the skill already created for you: newbot-prompts

Run skills only for a platform well precise

For example, take advantage of the Amazon Alexa In feature Purchase Skill without altering other platforms

Enrich the user experience with rich content

Enjoy a simple and universal syntax for displaying formats: images, carousel, buttons, video, quick replies, etc.

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